Automation Case Study: SPM


Customer Profile

The customer creates customized, low cost and easy-to-use PC-based controllers for jewellery making machines. The company, which is based in India, deals with clients nationwide. They produce many bespoke variations of control software, designed to suit the wide variety of machinery in use in the Indian jewellery sector. The customer sees itself as a combined manufacturing, design and consultancy company, and places particular emphasis on advanced R&D capabilities – investing heavily to ensure they always have access to the latest software and hardware development tools.


The Challenge

The company needed a complete servo system software interface for a 6-12 axes bangle cutting and faceting machine and were looking
for an all-in-one solution. Additionally, they wanted to improve their communication interfaces, encoder resolution and motion control accuracy.


The Solution

After a thorough search of the market, they chose to work with Inovance because of Inovance’s very strong case history at working with companies building bespoke, special purpose machinery. The Inovance solution included IS620P servo drives and MS1 servo motors. The Inovance servos are tailored to work with the customer’s own controller, which has been specially designed for machines in the gold jewellery industry.

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Key benefits:

  • Seamless integration with the customer’s interface software
  • Cost and energy efficiency
  • Ease of use leads to significant time savings
  • Absolute positioning system makes it easy to read the position of the servo motor


The Benefits

Inovance’s easy-to-use products interface seamlessly with the customer’s controller, meaning that it is very simple for end users to read/write parameters and reset servo drive errors. This, combined with the simple commissioning process, saved significant amounts of time for the customer. 
Additionally, the products provided an absolute positioning system, making it far easier to read the position of the servo motor in any machine cycle.

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