CS710 – crane drive

High performance AC crane drive, open & closed loop, three phase, 400 VAC, 0.4-400 kW

  • Specially designed to control asynchronous motors for crane operations, such as hoisting, travel, and rotation
  • Speed control accuracy: ±0.5% (SVC), ±0.02% (FVC)
  • Overload: works stably under 110%; 150% for 60 seconds; 180% for 3 seconds
  • Built-in braking unit up to 75 kW
  • Leading flux closed-loop and open-loop low-frequency vector control algorithms
  • Reliable time sequence logic of brake control, with braking failure detection & protection
  • Light hook fast speed operation
  • Offers a series of customized crane functions:
    • Intelligent anti-sway
  • Complies with CE and UL

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CS710 Crane Drive - English 


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