MD800 is answering the call of OEMs for reduced installation costs and smaller machine cabinets

It has a modular design that allows up to 8 drives per rectifier, reducing overall drive footprint by up to 50% compared to traditional single drive modules

And it’s the rising star of our product range

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Key benefits - summary

Significant reduction in total install costs

    Installation time reduced by 2/3:

    • Mounting  plate preparation time reduced by 50%
    • Assembly time reduced by 50%
    • Wiring requirements reduced by 2/3
    • Reduced wiring time with pluggable terminals

    High speed communications

    • 1 high-speed bus expansion card supports up to 8 drives
    • Dual RJ45 ports allow easy wiring

    Easy commissioning:

    • Commissioning time slashed by 2/3
    • Quick, easy maintenance
    • Built-in cloning

    Smaller machine cabinets 

    • Drive footprint reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional single drive modules

    To learn more, scroll on to read our full tech spec, or get in touch with your local Inovance representative

    Full tech spec

    Comprehensive functionality:

    • Individual STO SIL 3 for each drive
    • Suitable for open loop asynchronous & PM synchronous motors
    • +24 VDC control backup supply
    • IP40 rated
    • Remote LCD keypad (optional)
    • Commissioning PC software available
    • Dual rated:
      • Heavy duty (HD, G rating): 150% overload
      • Normal duty (ND, P rating): 110% overload 

    High level, flexible connectivity:

    • Built-in I/Os: 4 DI, 4 DI/DO, 2 AI, 1 RO
    • Standard onboard communications: USB commissioning port, CAN, RS485
    • Two expansion slots
      • I/O expansion cards
      • Fieldbus option cards:

    Reduced installation costs 

    • User-friendly pluggable connectors (spring type) 
    • Faster build time
    • Reduced wiring
    • User-friendly pluggable connectors (spring type)
    • Fewer external components:
      • Common EMC filter (C2 compliant)
      • Input reactor
      • Fuses/MCCBs
      • Common built-in dynamic braking (variant) 

    Compact footprint for smaller cabinets 

    • Common height and depth: 182 mm x 160 mm
    • Rectifier width: 99.5 mm
    • Drive width: 49.5 mm 

    Designed for durability:

    • High level conformal coating (3C3 & 3S2)
    • Operating temp. range: -20 to +60°C (de-rating > 50°C)
    • Operating altitude: up to 4,000 m (de-rating > 1,000 m)
    • Separate cooling channel for heatsink