Automation Case Study: High performance automated welding machine

Turkish welding machine specialist EKT Mekatronik chose products from Inovance Technology Europe for‘determined and stable’motion control across multiple axes.

Customer profile:

EKT Mekatronik is a specialist in custom automated welding machines. The Turkish company has amassed 30 years of knowledge and experience in the welding field and provides a range of machines for the production of scaffolding, using high-quality materials and advanced technologies in its products to set industry standards.

The challenge:

Looking for an automation solution for an automatic welding machine, EKT Mekatronik approached Inovance Technology Europe’s Turkish distributor INOTEK for help. EKT Mekatronik needed to support a series of axes and ensure that movement remained stable to achieve a successful weld.

The solution:

The chosen solution combined a number of Inovance products, including the AM600-CPU1608-TP motion controller, with EtherCAT bus-based motion control supports capable of supporting up to 32 axes.

The AM600 motion controller is used in EKT Mekatronik’s automated welding machine in combination with the high performance, flexible IT7150E HMI, the compact SV660N servo drive and MS1H1 servo motors, delivering high dynamic performance, along with easy set-up, installation and tuning.

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The benefits:

The project, designed by engineers from Inovance Technology Europe and EKT Mekatronik, has resulted in greater accuracy of motion control across multiple axes, alongside fast response, and easy set-up, installation and tuning. The ability to repeat movements in a determined and stable manner across multiple axes was a key reason EKT Mekatronik opted for Inovance technology.

Using the G code language to program the AM600 saved time during the project’s development and when commissioning machines, while the expert Inovance team worked closely with EKT Mekatronik to rapidly address all problems as they arose.

Key benefits:

  • Support across multiple axes
  • Stable and accurate motion control
  • Ultra-fast response
  • Expert help, advice and problem solving
  • Communication and encoder interfaces

“The Inovance team worked with our engineers to define the best possible solution to suit our customer’s needs, supplying products that are robust and precise enough for the welding machine. When a problem arose they were responsive and worked hard to find a solution and we are pleased the project met the goal of better accuracy of motion control, as well as delivering many other benefits.”
Hüseyin Gülbahar of INOTEK Automation

“This project is an excellent example of the Inovance team using our experience and expertise, alongside the customers’ engineering and development team, to create a solution that fits a specific set of requirements and delivers added value.”
Osman Engin Karayer, Inovance Technology Europe Country Manager for Turkey

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