Automation Case Study: High speed testing

Inovance enables GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH to ramp up testing offering

Customer profile:

Headquartered in Germany, GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH is an independent engineering and testing solution provider. The company offers high-end vehicle and drivetrain product development, vehicle engineering services, mobility intelligence, and drivetrain and vehicle testing for a wide variety of end customers. The company works closely with leading universities to develop advanced knowledge and skills, and has clients around the world, in a range of different industries. GETEC works hard to understand customer requirements and designs custom solutions that meet their specific gearbox and transmission needs.

The challenge:

GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH is known for its commitment to innovation and engineering services and has been increasing its expertise in the testing and development of new energy vehicles. In response to rising demand for testing, the company was looking to expand its capabilities quickly.

End customers for GETEC include big automotive and industry brands, such as Bosch, EDAG, Hyundai, Linde and many more. The company has developed a wide range of testbenches for vehicle and drive trains, which require variable speed drives for motion control, and they needed to scale up fast due to impressive business growth.

The solution:

GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH got in touch with global industrial automation company Inovance to provide drives for its testing systems. Inovance’s MD880 variable speed drive was identified as offering the ideal solution, as it is suitable for PMSM and asynchronous motor applications.

The energy-efficient modular, high power MD880 drive has been designed for OEMs looking for the highest performance. It has a tower structure ideal for cabinet installation and a max output frequency of 16 kHz for 25,000 rpm, which was ideal for the GETEC project’s requirements of up to 12 kHz for 20,000 rpm. In addition, the drive provides up to 1.5 ms torque response time, comes with EtherCAT on board, and can support wheel dyno motors up to 2.8 MW at 400 V and up to 5.4 MW at 690 V. It comes complete with flexible protection (torque limitation linked to speed), full regenerative power AFE, and fast response for current and speed loops.

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The benefits:

Inovance was able to respond to GETEC’s request quickly and deliver the right solution fast, this was a critical consideration in an environment where many companies are still struggling with long lead times caused by supply chain issues. This enabled GETEC to meet clients’ testing requirements and boost capacity in its testing capabilities.

In addition, the high performance and accuracy delivered by the fast response of current and speed loops, as well as the modular and expansion friendly design of the MD880, complete with up to 7 option slots, was ideally suited to meet the customer’s needs and offered excellent value.

Key benefits:

  • Modular system for different end customers
  • Best value performance
  • Fast response of current loop
  • Fast response of speed loop
  • Short delivery times

GETEC’s General Manager Joachim Trumpff says, “Inovance’s prompt responsiveness and quick delivery enabled us to meet our clients' testing requirements on time. This approach allowed us to successfully complete our testing projects and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Max Boxberger, OEM Sales & Application Engineer at Inovance Technology Europe, adds, “We were able to deliver the right product at the right time to GETEC Getriebe Technik, making sure they could meet tight deadlines to increase testing capacity. The easy commissioning, compact design and high performance offered by the MD880 perfectly met their specification for testbenches.”

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