AUTOMATION CASE STUDY: Inovance motion controller and servo motors deliver cost effective high performance for gantry system


Customer Profile

The customer is an India-based OEM that uses a wide variety of automation products such as PLCs, AC drives, servo systems, Scada robots, and HMIs. They are an expert at building pick & place applications using gantry systems and 6-axes robotic arms, and they specialise in a wide range of industry verticals including textiles, plastics, paper, chemicals, ceramics, glass, pharmaceuticals, and machine manufacturing.


The Challenge

The customer was looking for a servo motion solution that delivered improved performance and cost effectiveness. They also needed a remote IoT monitoring system that could monitor the real-time data and performance of their machines.


The Solution

Global industrial automation company Inovance was called in to provide an accurate solution for all their requirements. Inovance was specifically chosen because of their expertise in providing complete cost-effective servo motion solutions.

The Inovance solution involved AM series motion controllers,SV660N servo drives, and MS1 series servo motors along with theIT7000 Series HMI. Additionally, the newInovance IIoT device was deployed for enhanced performance & reliability.

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Key benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time reduction

The Benefits

Inovance’s automation solution was able to meet all the enhanced performance requirements requested by the customer. By using the AM series motion controller, the customer can save time and achieve high accuracy due to the ability to group 2-5 axes using the function axes setup. Meanwhile, with the MS1 series servo motor, absolute positioning accuracy can be reached within ±15 arc seconds, and a built-in torque ripple compensation function results in a torque ripple < 0.5%.

With the SV660N series EtherCAT drive, the communication synchronization cycle can reach 125 uS, and can achieve 300 nodes with a distance of 120 m, a 15 ns synchronization error, and a synchronization jitter of ±20 ns. Finally, the deployment of the Inovance IIoT device allows the motion controller, drives and HMI to be connected in order to monitor and modify parameters.

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