Automation Case Study: Special Purpose Machinery


Customer Profile

The customer is an Indian start-up that aims to provide high quality and affordable personal hygiene products for women in low-income communities who do not currently have access to them. Their goal is to increase awareness of the need for such products, and to improve their affordability.

To further these efforts, the company has developed a range of automated sanitary pad making machines designed to enable the rapid production of large quantities of high-quality pads at low cost.


The Challenge

Because the customer aims to support as many women as possible across underprivileged communities, their leading concern is to design robust, high efficiency machines that produce products at the best possible cost.

This is made even more challenging by a need to match the quality of the product with that of the leading multinational brands. For its new range of ultrasonic machines, the company also needed to ensure that easy and quick changeover was possible, so that each machine was able to produce a wide variety of products to different specifications and sizes.

To achieve all this, a new automation solution was required.


The Solution

Global industrial automation company Inovance was called in to provide an accurate solution for all their requirements. Inovance was specifically chosen because of their expertise in machine automation technology across a range of relevant industry sectors.

The Inovance solution included the IT6070 - a high performance human machine interface; as well as a general purpose H2U PLC for motion control. Inovance’s products are designed to work together from the ground up, and this combination of an Inovance PLC and HMI delivered the best possible machine control solution, allowing operational parameters to be changed dynamically and achieving all the desired results.

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The Benefits

Inovance’s automation solution delivered significant improvements to the customer’s ultrasonic machine range. Strong application support was provided by Inovance, and by their local distributor, to ensure the customer got the best possible results out of the products. The result was improved pad quality and a more user-friendly solution for machine operators. Meanwhile, production speed was increased to 70 pads per minute, a significant improvement on the customer’s previous machines, and the damage rate was reduced by 30%.

The result was increased profits and improved efficiency across the entire machine range.

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