Automation Case Study: Electronics and Motor Replacement for Label Dispenser

Inovance’s South African distributor Motion Tronic delivers an efficient, cost-effective and innovative solution to successfully upgrade Silveray Stationery Company's label dispenser.

Customer Profile

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Ltd, Silveray Stationery Company (SSC) is a 130-year-old South African manufacturer and distributor of leading quality brands of stationery. The company has a diverse portfolio of products including the following brands: Croxley, Helix, Parker, Penguin, Rolodex, and Sellotape. SSC serves all related markets, including home, schools, office, and corporate needs. The company sells products both within South Africa and beyond the borders via a national sales and distribution network. SSC is focused on providing world class products at competitive prices and delivering customer service excellence.

The Challenge

Silveray Stationery Company (SSC) was looking for the best way to replace the controller, motor and drive of its existing label dispenser within its budget constraints, in order to restore the machine’s original capacity and capabilities. Looking at the conventional options available, SSC found they were prohibitively expensive and sought a customized solution to meet its specific needs.

The Solution

Having contacted Motion Tronic, Inovance Technology’s distributor in South Africa, a cost-effective alternative solution was engineered for SSC using high performance Inovance brand products and components.

The innovative solution, devised by expert engineers from Motion Tronic, involved a comprehensive overhaul of the electronic elements of the label dispenser, including the servo drive, servo motor, PLC, HMI, and even the enclosure.

To ensure seamless integration, Motion Tronic custom-made the enclosure to perfectly fit the existing mounting holes of the machine, eliminating the need for any modifications and preserving the label dispenser’s original structure. The entire project, from conceptualization to completion, took place in Motion Tronic’s workshop. Once finalized, the upgraded label dispenser was transported to the customer's site for commissioning.

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The Benefits

By creating a precision solution - including the fabrication of a specially-designed, custom enclosure - Motion Tronic not only saved SSC costs, but also minimized downtime by streamlining the transition process. The cost-effective upgrade provided a budget-friendly option to SSC that didn’t compromise machine functionality and was executed efficiently to minimize downtime.

The label dispenser now operates at its original capacity as a result of the successful replacement of the controller, motor and drive with Inovance’s market-leading technology. SSC has benefited from an upgraded system that aligns with its operational needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient project execution
  • Upgraded system
  • Machine restored to original capacity
  • High precision performance
  • Minimal downtime

Motion Tronic Director Bradley Douglas adds, “I am really proud of the work our engineering team carried out on this project, devising a customized solution that met all SSC’s performance and budgetary needs. We selected Inovance products for their performance and reliability in order to deliver the precision motion control the label dispensing machine required.”

David Bedford Guaus, Strategic Marketing Manager at Inovance, adds: “Inovance is pleased to have been able to work with Motion Tronic on this project, which resulted in an innovative solution that met all the customer’s needs. Inovance’s range of  industrial automation products provide the high performance, flexibility and capabilities to deliver the best possible solution for projects across a wide range of industry sectors.”

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