Automation Case Study: Air Compressors


Customer Profile

The customer is an Indian manufacturer of cotton yarn, garments, and fabric for a range of clients across the country. Every stage of their manufacturing processes makes heavy use of compressed air. To ensure the best possible manufacturing quality, they only buy kit from leading suppliers. For this reason, they use rotary screw air compressors from a world-leading European compressor manufacturer.


The Challenge

The customer’s air compressors are controlled by variable speed drives, enabling the most efficient possible operations and the lowest possible energy costs. The existing drive and controller set-up on their compressor had exceeded its support period with the drive manufacturer, meaning that after sales support costs were set to rocket. Additionally, the customer was aware that a more up-to-date control solution would ensure their processes continued to be as efficient as they possibly could be. The challenge was to find a new automation supplier who could successfully retrofit the control system on a leading, European engineered rotary screw compressor. The new supplier needed to offer totally reliable technology, as well as a cost-effective solution, and they also needed the technical expertise to be able to come onsite and complete the job without causing machine downtime.


The Solution

The customer turned to Inovance for a solution that drew on the industrial automation supplier’s extensive experience at working across both the compressor and the textile industries. Inovance offered a complete automation and control retrofit solution including the H2U - a general purpose PLC; the IT6000 – a smart, high performance HMI; and the MD290 – a general purpose open loop variable speed drive. Inovance’s solution has exceeded the performance of the pre-retrofit control system.

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The Benefits

Inovance’s automation solution delivered significant performance improvements on the previous control system, resulting in faster production times and improved efficiency. This was a reliable and economical solution for the customer. And its modular design also means that easy maintenance is assured.

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