SPS Italia 2024 Blog

Inovance Technology Italy Shines at SPS Italia 2024

Inovance Technology Italy participated in SPS Italia 2024, an automation fair held in Parma, recognised as the most significant automation event in Italy. This participation aligns with Inovance's commitment to showcasing its cutting-edge automation solutions and high-performance products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators.

Why SPS Italia?

SPS Italia is not just another trade show; it's the cornerstone event for the automation industry in Italy. The decision for Inovance to attend was strategic. The Sales Director, Inovance Technology Italy states, "SPS in Parma is Italy's most important automation fair and is a reference for the automation sector. We have always seen SPS as the fair that would allow us to show the world of OEMs and system integrators our automation solutions and the high-level performance of our products." This event provided an unparalleled platform for Inovance to enhance its visibility and showcase its comprehensive range of automation solutions.

Showcasing Innovation: Key Exhibits

At SPS Italia 2024, Inovance exhibited an impressive array of products, demonstrating its technological prowess and innovation in automation solutions. Key highlights included:

  • IPCs and motion controllers: The IPC AC800-AC703 series, along with the new AM320 and AM522 models, were prominently featured, demonstrating advanced control and processing capabilities.
  • GL20 I/O modules: These modules were showcased for their versatile integration into various automation systems.
  • EASY PLCs and IT7000 HMIs: These products highlighted Inovance’s user-friendly and efficient control solutions.
  • Servo drives and motors: The SV660-SV670 and SV680 servo drives paired with MS1 motors were presented, emphasizing their high precision and reliability.
  • Modular solutions: Inovance's IS810N, MD810, and the unique MD800 modular solution for open loop inverters were key attractions, catering to diverse industrial applications.
  • Inverters: The MD520 inverter, capable of handling up to 400KW, was showcased, underscoring Inovance's capacity to meet high-power requirements.

The Biggest Benefit: Enhanced Visibility

One of the most significant benefits Inovance derived from the show was the heightened visibility in the automation market. "Certainly the visibility of the INOVANCE name in the automation market, and the possibility of showing manufacturers our range of products, which cover most of the expectations of OEMs and end-users," remarked Ilaria Maiocchi, Accounting & Sales Admin Manager. This visibility is crucial for establishing Inovance as a key player in the industry and for attracting potential business opportunities.

Positive Response and Feedback

The response at SPS Italia 2024 was overwhelmingly positive. The Inovance booth attracted around 180 visitors, including representatives from large industrial groups. The feedback from these visitors was very encouraging, particularly regarding the technical satisfaction and reliability of Inovance's products. The technical support provided by Inovance gained high praise, reinforcing the company's reputation for excellence in customer service.

Current Market Scenario

The Italian industrial automation market is currently experiencing a phase of stasis, with growth anticipated in the latter part of the year. Despite this temporary lull, the positive reception at SPS Italia 2024 indicates a resilient interest and potential for growth in the sector. Inovance's strong presence at the fair positions it well to capitalize on this expected market growth.

Future Ambitions in Italy

Inovance has set ambitious goals for its future in Italy and it is to become a market reference in the coming years and increasingly increase our presence on the Italian territory. This ambition reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its footprint and establishing itself as a leader in the Italian automation market.

Final Thoughts

Inovance Technology Italy’s participation in SPS Italia 2024 was a resounding success. The event not only enhanced Inovance’s visibility but also demonstrated the company’s innovative solutions and solidified its reputation for quality and reliability in the automation industry. With a positive market outlook and ambitious goals, Inovance is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in Italy.