Revolutionizing the Landscape

This article was first published in the Q1 issue of Elevator World India Magazine


This article was first published in the Q1 issue of Elevator World India Magazine

Subramania Bharathiyar (SB), elevator product manager for Monarch BST, an Inovance company, explains to your author (SSP) the significance of VT for the brand and recent expansion by Sheetal S. Patil.

SSP: What is the significance of the vertical-transportation (VT) (elevators) segment for Inovance Technology India? What are your observations about its evolution in this country?

SB: Inovance Technology started its operation in India in 2012. This was a pivotal year for the elevator industry, as urbanization soared and demand for vertical mobility skyrocketed. Established players expanded their reach and new entrants like Inovance Technology India, armed with cutting-edge technologies, seized the opportunity to revolutionize the landscape.

At that time, the market was dominated by open-loop, geared elevators by the Indian elevator OEMs. These workhorses, although reliable, lacked the efficiency and sophistication of more modern solutions. In contrast, Inovance championed the integration of gearless permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) with its proprietary elevator solutions.

This marked a paradigm shift within the Indian VT industry. PMSMs, with their superior energy efficiency and quieter operation, provided significant advantages over their traditional counterparts. Inovance’s integrated approach, combining PMSMs with advanced controls and software, further optimized performance and reliability.

The impact was immediate. Customers, eager for cutting-edge solutions, embraced Inovance’s technology. The company’s integrated elevator solution, a testament to its dedication to R&D, quickly gained traction and carved out a niche in the rapidly evolving market.

SSP: Inovance Technology India has recently unveiled a new 900-ft2 branch office in Hyderabad. What is the significance of this, and how does this reflect your overall market presence across the country?

SB: Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and its burgeoning skyline demands innovative vertical mobility solutions. Inovance’s strategic local presence in Hyderabad increases customer confidence, promises superior sales and service support and fosters trust through a dedicated local presence. This foothold paves the way for deeper market penetration, not just in Hyderabad but across the vibrant Telangana state, ensuring Inovance grows as the region flourishes.

SSP: How does being the Indian arm of the parent company Inovance Technology Europe GmbH give Inovance Technology India an edge in terms of brand perception, product range, etc.?

SB: The most prominent way is in leveraging Inovance Technology Europe’s established reputation for quality and innovation. This combines a clear understanding of the Indian market and its specific needs. We are also able to utilize Inovance Technology Europe’s well-established quality management systems and manufacturing processes to ensure high standards for our products, delivering market-leading reliability and durability.

Being part of Inovance Technology Europe provides us with early access to cutting-edge technology, gaining a competitive advantage by being the first to introduce new products and

technologies to the Indian market. Inovance Technology India can customize solutions, adapting them to meet local needs.

SSP: What are your expectations from the VT (elevators) segment in India going forward and how do you see this influencing the market demand for the offerings from Inovance Technology India?

SB: At Inovance India, we are committed to developing future-proof elevator solutions that prioritize safety, deliver cutting-edge features and offer a seamless user experience. By enabling our customers to create exceptional elevators, we empower them to deliver unparalleled value to their clients. A few examples are:

The IoT Solution: Driven by a spirit of innovation and a deep understanding of the Indian market, Inovance India is pioneering the development of next-generation elevators. Our focus on integrating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to create an IoT VT solution enhances safety features and allows our customers to offer cutting-edge elevators in the country.

The IoT solution goes beyond basic monitoring, offering remote control features like diagnostic assistance. This enables technicians to troubleshoot issues remotely, minimizing downtime and repair costs, while two-way communication during emergencies ensures a swift and effective response. Predictive maintenance takes it a step further, sending realtime alerts of any glitches. This proactive approach prevents breakdowns from happening, keeping elevators running smoothly and safely.

E-Package Offering: In the dynamic world of vertical mobility, standing still is akin to plummeting. Recognizing this, at Inovance Technology India, we embrace a philosophy of perpetual ascent, driven by a relentless pursuit of regular product updates that meet the market’s evolving needs and integrate the latest safety features. From COPs/LOPs to lanterns, from inspection boxes to door headers, Inovance provides a machine-room-less (MRL) E-Package of electrical components for elevator control that meet the requirements of the local markets in world-class quality.

Inovance Technology India is breaking down geographical barriers by establishing robust sales and service support networks across all Indian states and cities. This includes expanding the company’s physical presence and establishing new offices in key metro cities and beyond

But expansion doesn’t mean dilution. Inovance is committed to strengthening its local teams, nurturing a pool of skilled professionals in each region. This creates a workforce that understands the nuances of local industries and can provide customized solutions.

The company is diversifying its reach, establishing a strong network of distributors, partners and online channels, where every customer can access Inovance solutions through their preferred platform.

SSP: What are your plans and vision for Inovance Technology India?

SB: Inovance Technology India isn’t just another automation company. It’s a catapult, ready to propel the Indian elevator manufacturing industry to new heights, both within and beyond its borders. Inovance’s vision is to be the catalyst that propels Indian elevator manufacturers onto the global stage, champions the “Make in India” initiative and secures the company’s rightful position as a leader in the international market. Through strategic partnerships, technology transfer and expert guidance, Inovance will empower VT businesses to navigate the complexities of global markets, meet international standards and compete head-on with established players. Inovance Technology India doesn’t believe in settling for second best. It is driven by a relentless ambition to become the leader in the global market. This will be achieved through cutting-edge technology, unparalleled quality and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

SSP: How do you envisage the future of VT in India and the role of Inovance in driving its growth?

SB: The VT industry in India is making rapid progress toward a bright future of technological advancements and sustainable solutions. It is, therefore, important to stay ahead of the curve. Within this dynamic landscape, Inovance Technology Pvt. Ltd. (the name Inovance is a blend of innovation and excellence) demonstrates its expertise by providing groundbreaking solutions and industry-leading innovations. India is a country witnessing rapid urbanization and a growing need for efficient VT. Inovance has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, leaving its mark on the industry.