Only one way: UPWARD

This editorial was first published in the Q2 issue of Elevator World India magazine

This editorial was first published in the Q2 issue of Elevator World India magazine 

By Mr. Subramania Bharathiyar, elevator product manager at Monarch – Inovance’s dedicated elevator business platform

#1 elevator solution provider

We are Inovance. The #1 largest provider of elevator integrated solutions in India. Our platform combines an integrated drive with an elevator controller to provide the full solution package elevator manufacturers require. We are 100% focused on the Indian market, with over 100 employees now based in country, and our team is continually growing. We also have a well-established research and development team based in India who enable us to ensure that our products are always tailored to the needs of the local market.

In this article, I want to tell you about some of the world-beating Indian elevator companies that we work with every day:

“Excellent performance, consistent quality”

Teknix Elevators, a vertical transport solution technology company based in Bangalore, invest heavily in Inovance’s elevator solutions. For three decades they have successfully developed expertise in the installation, modernization, and maintenance of elevators. Inovance helps Teknix to offer ‘international quality products’, bringing them into line with their leading international competitors. Teknix also reported that our products provide excellent performance, consistent quality, and low fault rates. The Inovance product range also helps Teknix to retain their maintenance contracts as well as improving the quality of their elevators.

“Best-in-class elevator riding”

Polo Elevators, based in Delhi, describe their focus as “delivering the best to our customers”. They say that Inovance’s products help them achieve their goal as they have “almost NIL breakdowns”. And they report that their favourite feature about Inovance’s products is the ability to adapt them to work with their own motors. Polo works closely with Inovance’s elevator management sales and service team every day, who they describe as professional, and with the best standards of order processing, packaging, dispatch, and technical support.

“Perfection, precision…”

Fast-growing India-based elevator manufacturer, LT Elevators, found that the sophisticated features of Inovance’s elevator solutions allowed them to provide a positive service to their customers with a dedicated protocol. Not only this, but they reported that the technology works with precision, helping LT to provide reliable solutions to their end-users.

“Safety, simplicity, and performance”

Similarly, Express Electro Elevators Co. report positive feedback to Inovance regarding the elevator product range. Express Electro have provided top quality, modern-spec elevators to the market for more than a decade, and they report that they most value Inovance’s elevator products for their safety, simplicity, and performance. Inovance’s elevator solutions allow Express Electro to achieve their goal of continually improving their services by using up to date, reliable technology.

Inovance India celebrates 10-year anniversary

We just marked the 10-year anniversary of Inovance India, which happened on March 10th. As a company we have seen tremendous growth within both the Indian elevator and industrial automation segments, and we offer the highest standards of customer service and product delivery. And we are now pan-Indian in scale.

All this comes as a result of the consistent efforts and dedication of our team in India, and from our own highly significant investment in the Indian market. For example, our Chennai HQ was 1,850 ft2 when we started out in 2012. Now it’s 22,500 ft2.

We’re here to stay, and we’re looking forward to the next ten years.