Our vision is to become a TIER -1 provider of E-powertrain solutions and power supply systems

This editorial was first published in the May issue of Machinist magazine.

This editorial was first published in the May issue of Machinist magazine.

By Anil Kumar, Director, Inovance Technology India

Inovance brings its electric vehicle expertise to India

As the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India continues to boom, Inovance is bringing our expertise to the market. Inovance is already a large supplier to the EV industry overseas and has built a strong brand in India as a leading supplier to the industrial automation and elevator industries. Now we are bringing our EV experience and engineering know-how to India as the country moves towards wider digitization and greater environmental sustainability.

Rapid growth evident in India’s evolving EV industry

India has one of the fastest growing economies and the third largest population in the world, and is home to some of the world's largest and fastest-growing companies – with businesses here ranging from multinational giants to local start-ups.  The automotive industry is a major contributor to India's economy, accounting for 7.1 percent of its GDP and providing significant employment. India’s electric vehicle industry has demonstrated exponential growth in the past two years, and manufacturers and policymakers are investing more in greener transportation. Electric vehicles offer a huge range of benefits, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions, noise and air pollution.

Our product portfolio offers great opportunities to India’s thriving EV industry

Inovance is choosing to invest and expand its operations in the EV segment as part of our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability, and in response to both government EV initiatives and rapidly increasing demand. At Inovance, we are excited about the enthusiasm shown in India for the electric vehicle revolution, including the rapid expansion of public charging stations and the number of big companies investing in the development of new EV technologies. As the overall efficiency of EVs improves and more energy is generated from renewable sources in India to power them, Inovance’s vision is to become the a TIER1 provider of e-powertrain solutions and power supply systems. Having such a strong team and product range in India has helped us focus more specifically on the EV industry.

Power supply for Electric Vehicles

Our product portfolio includes many solutions for 2 major EV applications; passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Among our products for the EV industry, we offer a 5-in-1 Inverter for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which is specially designed for the electric bus industry (in particular electric buses from 6-18 meters); a 3-in-1 auxiliary power unit controller specially designed for commercial EVs (with an integrated electric power steering controller); and a robust direct-drive motor for electric buses, which can also be used as a power source for commercial electric vehicles and has high-power density, long lifecycle, and better safety and efficiency than comparable products. We have also developed an air compressor controller, and a 24V DC/ DC battery charger that is compact, robust, easy to install, and has a long operating life.


5 in 1 inverter for Electric Vehicle                      Direct Drive motor for Electric Vehicles

At Inovance we have a huge range of products for the automation segment for EV manufacturing and we aim to become a leading name in the field. Major benefits of using our products include optimal efficiency and flexibility, high equipment utilization rates and strong production flexibility due to modular design, automatic processing, automatic optical inspection, and 100% test coverage.

Government shows strong support for India’s EV industry

The Government of India has demonstrated continuous support for the development of the country as a global leader in the EV sector and is playing a major role in increasing demand and supply of electric vehicles. Several schemes were unveiled in the 2021 budget, which was the starting point for the evolution of electric vehicles in India, including investments in road infrastructure which motivated manufacturers to invest in EV R&D and related infrastructure. In the 2023 Budget, the government allocated 1.18 Lakhs crore for the Ministry of Roadways, Transport and Highways, which will ultimately generate increased employment opportunities in rural areas and greater demand for commercial vehicles. Incentives are also being provided by the Union Government to increase take-up of electric vehicles over petroleum vehicles, including purchase incentives, road tax exemption, registration fee exemption, income tax benefit, scrapping incentives, and others.

Inovance is committed to providing the R&D and product innovations needed to help ensure the future success of India’s EV industry.

To find out more about what Inovance is offering to the EV industry in India, visit hwww.inovance.eu/industries/electric-vehicles today!