Industrial Automation in India – the Inovance perspective

This editorial was first published in the March issue of Automation & Instrumention Update magazine

Industrial Automation in India – the Inovance perspective

This editorial was first published in the March issue of Automation & Instrumentation Update magazine

By Anil Kumar, director of Inovance Technology India – a pan India industrial automation group

For Inovance Technology India, last year was filled with strong opportunities which helped us expand and grow our business in the Indian market. This success was because of the whole team’s continuous and dedicated efforts towards our 2021 vision. As a team we are truly proud of the business we have built, and this expansion is the testimony to our commitment to the Indian market.

The Inovance product range includes AC drives, servo drives and motors, as well as PLCs, HMIs, CNCs and industrial robots

Having such a strong breadth in our product range has enabled us to focus on specific industry verticals. For us, one of the most important verticals is plastic injection molding machines. In this segment, we offer the IS580: a dedicated servo drive designed from the ground up for use in energy saving servo pumps in plastic injection molding machines. And this product can be coupled with the ISMG high response servo motor, which is also designed specifically for plastic injection molding machinery. For us, this segment is a high priority for the Indian market.

IS580: the dedicated servo drive for plastic injection machines

Growth in industrial automation is a global trend – and India is along for the ride

From a global perspective, industrial automation is clearly on a growth trend. Not least as a result of the global labour shortage which, in many countries, is forcing manufacturers to automate whatever processes they can. Many are asking though if India will follow the same path.  My view is that it certainly will and I expect strong growth in India for automation technologies. Including for more sophisticated kit such as our newly launched MD800 compact AC multidrive which is answering the call of OEMs for reduced installation costs and smaller machine cabinets, and which promises to reduce overall drive footprint by up to 50%.

The MD800 compact AC multidrive reduces overall drive footprint by up to 50%

Supply chain resilience has a new resonance

Since COVID-19, supply chains have changed, and seemingly for good. These days, supply chain managers are as worried about resilience as they are about efficiency. And, with shipping costs through the roof (container prices are often at 8-9 times the pre-2020 rate), many companies are buying locally wherever possible. This will boost the government’s ‘Make in India’ vision, and I believe Indian domestic manufacturing (and, by extension, Indian OEMs) will see strong benefits, from this.

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