Focus on Technology Upgradation and Safety

This article was first published in the Q4 issue of EWI

This article was first published in the Q4 issue of EWI

Advancements enhance safety, improve connectivity and revolutionize building designs.

by Subramania Bharathiyar

Elevators are becoming increasingly high-tech, intelligent and safe, pushing manufacturers to upgrade their technology and safety features. Inovance Technology Pvt. Ltd.’s elevator solutions keep getting better, with the latest products offering enhanced features that reduce the possibility of human error, deliver Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and improve safety.

Better Performance, Connectivity and Efficiency

Modern elevators provide smooth, comfortable journeys for passengers while covering greater distances, reducing the need to use transfer or sky lobbies. New designs promise to make elevators move not only up and down, but also sideways and diagonally. Such innovative design will revolutionize the architecture and layout of high-rise developments, creating buildings with better connectivity and people flow.

When it comes to improving passenger flow, destination dispatching systems offer the greatest efficiency. Passengers click buttons corresponding to their desired floors, and the system directs them to the elevators with the shortest travel times. Enhanced routing will result in more efficient passenger transfer, especially during peak traffic in hotels, residences and office blocks.

Inovance is making advancements in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to provide its customers with the safest and most technologically forward-looking products. Its latest elevator features include an enhanced full-screen door sensor, door obstruction sensing and car load sensing, to offer an ever safer, smoother journey to passengers.

Inovance’s NICE3000+ integrated elevator controller and AC drive leverages new developments, including group control of up to eight elevators based on fuzzy logic control theory, an in-built real-time clock to facilitate time-sharing control and elevator management, flexible emergency back-up power and automatic identification operation between short floors.

Enhanced Safety and Emergency Response as Standards Rise

Technology such as regenerative drives is making elevators more energy-efficient and, over time, Indian Standards (IS) have evolved to improve how elevators function during disasters. While seismic requirements and Firefighters’ Emergency Operation (FEO) have been part of the code, they are continuously reviewed and updated as needed.

In addition, new requirements have been added, or are being developed, to provide for occupant egress in emergencies and for operation during extreme weather events. The forthcoming code IS17200 (equivalent to ISO 8100) addresses issues such as Emergency Evacuation Operation (EEO) technology, water level detection technologies and back-up power systems, to increase the safety of elevators and reduce human error. Other important regulations governing elevators and safety include EN81 standards and the National Building Code for safe usage and emergency functions of elevators.

When it comes to important safety features, standby or emergency power systems are crucial in allowing elevators to be used for evacuation or to fight fires. Standby power also ensures that the communication systems in elevators remain operational during an emergency.

Inovance has introduced a series of new safety features to its product line, including installer error detection, brake arm feedback, power failure rescue operation, water level detection technology, door position sensing and a closed loop solution.

For example, Inovance’s NICE1000+ integrated elevator controller with AC drive comes complete with an expansion option for 16 floors, selectable door control mode, selectable FEO and comprehensive trip diagnostics.

IIoT and Predictive Maintenance Enhances Elevator Safety

By employing the latest IIoT capabilities, Inovance has created an IoT solution that includes remote elevator status monitoring. It has been developed in India and designed specifically for the Indian market by Inovance’s locally based R&D team. The device helps continuously monitor the health of the equipment and alerts engineers when work needs to be done, including real-time system information such as elevator status, car position, mode of operation and fault logs, providing assurance that the elevator is functioning correctly. The flexible product delivers faster response times for service engineers, reducing downtime.

In addition, the Inovance IoT device can be used for remote elevator control, including diagnostic assistance and remote communication during an emergency. It also comes with predictive-maintenance capabilities that send alerts when various parameters are breached, ensuring elevators are operating optimally.

Inovance delivers advanced product development and the latest technology in a range of products designed to meet the specific needs of the Indian elevator industry. This includes products such as the compact NICE900 door operator controller with AC drive, which is an integrated solution tailored for elevator doors. It provides excellent performance due to advanced vector control technology, motor parameter auto-tuning and enhanced accuracy control via innovative synchronization machine-angle identification technology.

By creating specialized products, Inovance seeks to demonstrate its commitment to harnessing the latest advancements and innovations in the industry. This is an exciting time for the elevator industry, as IIoT becomes more widely used and increasingly stringent standards continue to push manufacturers to deliver the safest and most efficient technologies possible.

Technology Advancement for Better and Safer Operation

Monarch elevator controllers are designed to perform safe and intelligent operations during emergencies. The system can sense human error with the help of sensors and act accordingly to support reliable operation of the elevator.

Technology advancements in the elevator controller intelligently monitor the operation of the machine, brakes, doors and other equipment in the hoistway, car cabin and machine room and stop operation if an error occurs.

The IS code was envisioned to ensure the safety of users, inspection and maintenance personnel and people in the area surrounding the elevator equipment. Elevator controllers play a significant role in this, and new technology becomes vital for safer elevator operation.

IoT monitors the health of an elevator and alerts the mechanic if any unsafe situations arise. IoT can predict the possible wear or failure of the parts in advance, helping the engineer to come prepared with new parts and to plan preventive maintenance.