Selling 10,000 MV drives. How Inovance hit #1 in the China market

In June, Inovance’s 10,000th medium voltage AC drive rolled off the production line.

By David Bedford Guaus, strategic marketing manager, Inovance Technology Europe

In June, Inovance’s 10,000th medium voltage AC drive rolled off the production line. For me, coming only two years after our 5,000th MV AC drive was produced, this is an impressive achievement that really underlines the rapid growth of our company. Our first MV drive was only released twelve years ago in 2010, and yet, for the past five consecutive years, Inovance’s medium voltage drive has achieved 100% sales growth. On June the 19th at our factory in Suzhou, China, we held a celebration to unveil the 10,000th drive.

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Inovance has achieved the position of #1 in the market for MV drives in China by always reacting rapidly to the diverse needs of their customer base

Today, when it comes to MV drives, we are #1 in the Chinese market*. We are also exporting in increasing numbers to important emerging economies such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand. To grow so far so fast is an incredibly impressive achievement when we consider the extremely high technical barriers to entry in the MV market.

We target heavy equipment in a wide range of industries including metallurgy, power generation, construction materials, the chemical industry, petroleum, mining, the rubber industry, and large test benches. From a technological perspective, Inovance was the first Chinese company to apply vector control on a large scale in China, and this capability is now deployed in all our MV products as standard. In fact, we’ve developed a high performance variant of vector control technology that is particularly well suited to high voltage and high power applications. We’ve also developed advanced Syn-transfer technology and a power dip ride through function. On top of this our HD92S-R product variant offers regenerative capability in a high capacity drive of up to 7,000 kVA (at 10 kV). Our high capacity regen product also offers a compact footprint of up to 15% lower than competitors.

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Inovance’s medium voltage drives target a wide range of industries and are available in regen variants

To better adapt our drives for fields such as metallurgy, we have focused on key areas such as power density improvement, environmental and power grid adaptability, and remote operation and maintenance. We continually invest heavily in R&D to meet the needs of complex heavy industrial processes for high speed accuracy, high dynamic response rates, and strong overload capacity. Meanwhile, our demanding testing processes, which are based on the known needs of end users, ensure products always meet customer standards.


The MV drive factory floor

How have we achieved such a strong market position in MV? The answer is simple: we react rapidly to the diverse needs of our customer base, incorporating them into our R&D process. And we always provide a high level of after-sales service.

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*According to a market report from MIR DATABANK