Inovance showcases ultra-accurate automotive solutions at Testing Expo China - Automotive 2023

Inovance Technology has hailed its first appearance at Testing Expo China – Automotive a success, with visitors to our stand particularly impressed by a demonstration of our MD880 low voltage AC multidrive.

By Max Boxberger, Sales Engineer, Inovance Technology Europe

The Inovance team debuts at Testing Expo China – Automotive in Shanghai this August

Inovance Technology has hailed its first appearance at Testing Expo China – Automotive a success, with visitors to our stand particularly impressed by a demonstration of our MD880 low voltage AC multidrive.

The show took place from 9-11 August at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in China, and Inovance’s 56 m2 stand featured a range of test bench applications.

Inovance’s 56m2 stand at the show

Testing Expo China - Automotiveis the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies and this year’s event brought together more than 300 exhibitors in Hall 1 of the center.

Inovance’s debut at Testing Expo China – Automotive proves successful

This is the first time Inovance has participated in the show, and the company attracted a series of good quality project leads from both local and European customers during the 2023 event. Alongside expert engineers from the Inovance Technology China team, I travelled all the way over from where I am based in Stuttgart to meet key customers.

Max Boxberger (centre) travelled to Shanghai from Inovance’s European HQ in Stuttgart to meet key customers

Those showing an interest in the Inovance stand included a test center customer, an international and local test bench SI, representatives from the testing department of a leading automotive manufacturer, and many more.

Inovance showcases MD880 and dynamometer testing application

The show was the ideal opportunity to showcase our R&D-led approach and market-leading technology. We displayed our key products for automotive testing systems, including the MD880 low voltage AC multidrive, demonstrating how it can be used to control and provide high levels of accuracy to a high-speed dynamometer. We also demonstrated how the MD880 can assist a dynamometer in restoring operating conditions of the tested powertrain during actual vehicle operation. Using a dynamometer to develop excellent vehicle handling improves the driver experience and overall vehicle safety.

Visitors to the Inovance stand were able to speak with our expert team of engineers about how to develop more accurate and comprehensive testing system solutions and also to see how Inovance’s MD880 provides an ideal drive solution for high-speed dynamometers, helping new energy vehicle companies to develop more competitive products. The CE certified drive comes with diode rectifier and AFE available, three option slots and Safe Torque Off (STO).

Interest was strong and the stand was busy from start to finish

MD880 is one of the latest products from Inovance and reflects the company’s strong focus on R&D. With a maximum speed rating of 25,000 rpm, the MD880 series dynamometer drive cabinet is equipped with differential torque algorithms that can achieve small differential torque under steady-state and dynamic conditions in order to meet customers’ testing needs.

Developing Inovance’s products to suit automotive testing requirements involved an international team of professionals, with the company leveraging its many years of motion control experience to create ultra-accurate and comprehensive testing system solutions for test benches.

Potential customers examine an in-cabinet demo of Inovance products

Electric vehicles featured prominently at the expo

China is leading the world in the development and adoption of electric vehicles, with the trend toward new vehicles moving irreversibly forward due to the growing emphasis on environmental issues and sustainability.

Electric vehicle testing featured prominently at the expo, as assisting new energy vehicle companies in building product competitiveness is an important part of the future of automotive technology. Key components of new energy vehicles requiring robust testing and analysis are high-speed motors and SiC high-speed electronic control, which deliver high efficiency, high power density, fast response, and high-temperature adaptability.

China is leading the world in the development and adoption of EVs and the high number of meetings with potential customers on the Inovance stand was evidence of this

Vehicle testing is essential to the process of automotive development and production, and test benches play a central role, from meeting basic on-load testing requirements to achieving hardware-in-the-loop simulation testing for functionality and performance. Advanced testing systems in the laboratory and on the production line are critical to enable designers to verify new product performance, optimize design and reduce time to market for new products.

Test bench data can also provide key marketing information, such as acceleration speeds from 0-100 km and the evidence needed to support product warranties

Testing Expo China - Automotive takes place every year in Shanghai, with annual sister events in Detroit and Stuttgart. Exhibitors showcase technologies and services ranging from autonomous vehicle testing and electric powertrain testing, to battery testing and EMI and analysis. Some of the latest products and services on display for the development of vehicles, components and systems at the 2023 industry show included NVH measurement tools, test rigs, proving grounds, simulation packages, dynamometers, emission measurement systems and dynamic assessment tools.

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